Football Exercises – Warm Up Drills

Various football exercises are a great way to get your players ready for a training session or a match. The following warm-up drills can make some effective exercise for your players.
Passing Through A Circle

Passing through a circle is an effective warm up drill and gives your players good warm up before you start a training session or before they are getting ready for a match.

In this exercise, have five of your players stand in a circle with twenty-yard diameter. Now, have another five of your players stand behind each of these players. Now the front-standing players have to pass the ball to each other in a random way while standing at the same place. No doubt, this is an effective ufabet เว็บตรงเข้าสู่ระบบ technique, but since this exercise requires lots of movement, your communication skill will be at test here.

You need to use your communication skill and vision in order to instruct the players for this exercise. You will have to use your imagination in order to make this exercise more innovative by adding variations to the same. For example, you may want to put a defender in the middle of the circle.
Acquire Explosive Acceleration And Fast Sprinting Speed

The following exercise can be highly effective for your players to help them acquire explosive acceleration and fast sprinting speed. You must have your players do these soccer exercises as fast as possible.
Leg Circuit Exercises

o Two-footed squat thrusts can be a good exercise for the youth soccer players. In this exercise, you should have your players aim for a twelve-inch jump.

o Have your players walk lunge forward and then rapidly repeat the process by changing the lead leg.

o Alternate leg squat thrusts is another great exercise for the young soccer players. In this exercise, the coach should have the players count reps on their one leg only.
Upper Body exercise

o Normal press-ups are also quite effective, but you must make sure that your players are aim to keep a straight line through their back.

o You can also have your players try the wide-arm press-ups. In this exercise, have your players take elbows out to their sides.

o Close-hand press-ups are also worth giving a try. Make sure that while doping this exercise, your players are aim to keep their thumbs touching each other.

Apart from the above football exercises, you should also include abdominal exercises. They are very important in keeping your players fit and strong.